Switching from Hybrid to Native: The Path to a More Reliable and Scalable Sappchat App with the Upcoming Release of SappAi

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3 min readApr 13, 2023


As the technology landscape continues to evolve, developers are faced with the challenge of constantly adapting to new trends and tools. One of the most critical decisions a developer can make is choosing the right platform for building their app. In this medium, we will explore why we decided to redevelop the Sappchat app from hybrid (cross-platform) to native.

One of the main reasons for our decision to switch to native was the limitations of the hybrid framework we were using, React Native. While React Native offers several advantages such as faster development times and easier code sharing across platforms, we found that it was not compatible with many of the APIs we were using. Despite testing on staging environments, we found that the app would become buggy once we moved it to production. This was a critical issue that we could not overlook, as it compromised the reliability and functionality of the app.

In contrast, native apps are built specifically for a particular platform, such as iOS or Android, using programming languages and tools that are optimized for each platform. By doing this, we can take advantage of the full capabilities of each platform and ensure that the Sappchat app is more robust, reliable, and scalable. This is especially important when dealing with complex features such as messaging and web3, which requires a high level of reliability and security.

In addition to redeveloping the Sappchat app from hybrid to native, we are also working on a parallel project, the Sappchat AI app (SappAi). This exciting new app will use machine learning and natural language processing to provide users with a more personalized and intuitive messaging experience. We are confident that SappAi will be a game-changer in the messaging space and are excited to release it in just three months’ time.

However, before releasing SappAi, we need to ensure that the original Sappchat app is running smoothly and reliably. To achieve this, we have dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to redeveloping the app natively. While this process may take 3 months, we are committed to delivering a bug-free release that our users can trust and enjoy.

Subsequently, we shall be merging the SappAi and Sappchat in the nearest future; however, the community needs to experience the look and feel of SappAi as a standalone app first. We assure the community of giving weekly development progress on both the SappAi and Sappchat apps. This weekly update would be every Friday via our medium page.

We appreciate your patience and support during this process and promise to keep you updated weekly on our progress. 🚀

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay tuned for the release of SappAi in just 2.5 months’ time. We believe that this app will revolutionize the way we communicate and are excited to share it with you. With both Sappchat and SappAi on the horizon, it’s going to be an exciting time in the messaging space. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Thank you! Your unwavering support for Sappchat has brought us this far toward our goal of connecting over a billion people around the world personally, financially, privately, and securely. 🙏

Keep supporting and keep spreading the word about Sappchat 💪

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