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SappChat Referral Program will be opened though out the presale period.

Social payments involve the use of social media to transfer money to another person or business. PayPal first popularized the trend, but other companies have since hatched their own versions. Let’s have a brief outlook on them.
Venmo: Venmo was the first of many e-wallet apps to make use of social media to send payment notifications. Venmo lets users sync their e-wallet with their Facebook account and automatically converts transactions done within the app into a Facebook status.
Facebook Messenger: Facebook’s business support angle is one of the strongest, so it’s no surprise that the social media giant has launched…

SappChat is the world’s first Decentralized Messaging App powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology! Join our decentralized journey with the following step:

Buy at least $100 APP during the pre-sale period!

Random 5 people will be selected and each will get $1000 APP! The more APP you buy during this period, the more chances you have to be a winner!

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The distribution will be implemented throughout the presale period.

Step by step details on how to participate in the $APP token pre-sale.

Dear SappChat community, your support has been amazing, and we are very grateful for the overwhelming support and interest towards SappChat project.

The past few months have been a great journey for us. We have developed SappChat MVP with fewer features to kickstart the journey of our vision on SappChat. It is currently available as Open Testing Early Access Beta on both AppStore and Google Play. After stress testing, it will be made available to the public.

The technology used behind SappChat is inspired by world giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. We used advanced innovative concepts while basing…

Facebook can collect data even about people who do not have an account on the social network.
What is a “shadow profile”?
It is the name given to the entire data about a user who is not registered with Facebook. The name comes from the idea that Facebook has enough information about a person to create a version of their profile that they do not use.
Facebook collects data in two ways — through browser history and friends of unregistered users.
The first method
On some websites, you may find various buttons associated with the social network (such as a “like” button). These elements monitor…

SappChat is the world’s first Decentralized Messaging App powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology!

Our decentralized journey starts now! Do you want to be a part of it?

Then click on this link and do the following:
🔘 Join our Telegram Channel ( and Group
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The airdrop rewards will be distributed to your BSC wallet at the end of July, 2021.

Pre-sale • June 07, 2021.

The SappChat $APP Token Pre-sale is finally here. We are very grateful for the overwhelming support and interest of our dear community towards SappChat project. The team has been working round the clock to ensure that best product is delivered. Though it has been an incredible journey so far, the team is excited about the road ahead.

Today, SappChat team is pleased to officially announce the $APP Token Pre-sale which will commence on the 7th of June 2021 at 9AM GMT+1.

The $APP Token Pre-sale phases will take place on our official Token Sale Page. Below are few information about…

What is encryption, and how does it protect your data?
Encryption helps protect the data you send, receive, and store using a device. These include text messages stored on your smartphone, running logs saved on your fitness watch, and banking information sent through your online accounts.
Encryption is the process that scrambles readable text so it can only be read by the person who has the secret code or decryption key. It helps provide data security for sensitive information.
Vast amounts of personal information are managed online and stored in the cloud or on servers with a constant connection to the web. It’s…

We made an audit that was conducted by Certik, a leading blockchain security company. A comprehensive examination has been performed, utilizing Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques.

You’re welcome to look through the audit in our official Telegram channel.


Mobile applications are an integral and substantial tool of our mobile communications. With rich and broad possibilities to communicate via text, audio and video messages, to engage in one-on-one chats and group discussions, to receive notifications and to upload and watch status updates and to share media, mobile instant messengers (MIMs) are among the most important and essential applications in our smartphones.

The use of mobile applications surpasses the use of most of the social network platforms, with over a billion WhatsApp users, more than 900 million Chinese WeChat users, over 1.3 …


The world’s first Decentralized Messaging App meets Decentralized Banking powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology

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