As of today, Telegram is the fifth most popular messaging app in the world.
Despite its success and growth, recent events have begun to put into doubt the reputation of Telegram as the go-to safe messaging app:
• In June 2019, hackers were able to break into the Telegram accounts of thousands…

📌 The team is working hard on bringing SappChat to mass adoption. For instance we have already pushed the SappChat iOS to Store: Official announcement regarding launch on Appstore and Playstore will be made this month.

The team is currently working on lots of features that would bring excellent user experience to SappChat. Kindly check the roadmap to get acquainted with what is coming on SappChat. Once we are in stores, all the current development will be updated accordingly.

In addition, we are on track to be listed on big exchanges. This would bring more visibility to SappChat (APP). We are very excited with all the upcoming updates and the future of SappChat.

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Any messenger can be used to transmit dangerous messages, attachments, and links; therefore, be cautious of links and attachments, even if they look to come from friends. However, there are many more serious concerns about using Telegram that cannot be avoided solely by using common sense.
Telegram’s architecture today supports over…

🔹NOTE: Swapping old APP to new APP is only for PRESALE buyers!


🔹PUBLIC SALE participants that bought directly using WITHOUT LOGIN

👉We have sent new APP tokens to all public sale participants that bought using the WITHOUT LOGIN option.

👉Use the following new APP Smart Contract information below to add custom new APP token to your wallet:

🔸New APP smart contract: 0x097f8ae21e81d4f248a2e2d18543c6b3cc0d8e59
🔸Decimal: 18

🔹PUBLIC SALE participants that bought WITH LOGIN from the dashboard (

👉First, you are expected to claim your old APP tokens from the dashboard!

👉After claiming the old APP tokens, send back the old APP tokens (100%) to this address: 0x310b60e2E48A8D87913De7451BeA3FC49b7d6463

👉Once we receive the the old APP tokens, the team will send back the new APP token equivalent directly to the address you sent from.

Sappchat integrates voice recognition and AI technologies to operate its multiple features and financial operations and crypto asset management only by voice. However, as our app is highly secure and will never share or use your data, you can rest assured the following won’t happen to you.
Several machine-learning techniques in…


The world’s first Decentralized Messaging App meets Decentralized Banking powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology

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