Sappchat & SappAi Development Updates — May 12th, 2023

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The path to a more reliable and scalable sappchat app with the upcoming release of SappAi🚀

Dear Sappchat family,

We are excited to inform our dear community once again about Sappchat and SappAi development progress report for this week. We deeply express our sincerest appreciation for your unwavering support and steadfastness. We could not have come this far without your dedication and unwavering support.

Below is the Sappchat and SappAi development progress report for this week. The team is working round the clock in ensuring that promises on our timeline are met.

SappAi Development Progress

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of SappAi, an advanced conversational language model that is carefully designed to make your chats more engaging, personalized, and insightful. We are confident that SappAi will be a game-changer in the messaging space. We are committed to delivering an application that exceeds expectations, empowers users, improves users' productivity, and provides a seamless experience. Stay tuned and keep spreading the word about Sappchat and SappAi. Share this excitement with your friends, colleagues, and communities and share and retweet our posts on social media.

Native Sappchat progress (IOS & Android):

Huge progress has been made on the native version of Sappchat. As you are aware that we switching from Hybrid to Native creating a path to a more reliable and scalable Sappchat App. From the development progress listed below, authentication, user profile, chat, and contact features have been fully completed. It is imperative to mention that free call, VOIP, chat, and wallet features progress are 60%, 80%, 80%, and 30% respectively. More so, infrastructure that entails backend, chats source, built infras (preliminary for all services to deploy chats), build docker, fargate, encrypt env of terraform, ansible deploy app, and jenkins CI/CD are now fully completed and well-tested.

To better understand the flow and the process of delivering the product, we’ve categorized the progress by stages as shown below;

*Stages already passed and implemented are marked with (!)
*Stages already passed and implemented exactly this week with (!!)

● Finalize the services needed to deploy the Backend and Chats source (!)

● Anonymous Authentication on Android & IOS (!)

● Authentication with phone on IOS & Android (!)

● Updated logic for User profile Backend (!)

● Android Native for User Profile buttons (!)

● Improved Server Infrastructure (!)

● Improved Server Infrastructure (!)

● Encrypt env of terraform (!)

● Jenkins CI/CD (!)

● Logic: Integrating API (!!)

● Fargate to test all flows (!!)

● View List current Contact (!!)

● Search in current Contact List (!!)

● New Contact Request (!!)

● Add new contact (!!)

● Built Infras (code) preliminarily for all services to deploy chats and backend (framework) (!!)

● Implementing build docker image for a test run on Fargate to test all the flows (!!)

Thank you! Your unwavering support for Sappchat has brought us this far toward our goal of connecting over a billion people around the world personally, financially, privately, and securely. 🙏

Keep supporting and keep spreading the word about Sappchat 💪

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