Removal of the $50 Minimum Commitment for STEDDY NFT Whitelist!

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2 min readMar 30, 2024

We’re pleased to announce the removal of the $50 minimum commitment requirement for the Sappchat DN404 NFT (STEDDY) Whitelist, in response to feedback from our community members. Some have expressed a preference to register for the whitelist now and complete payment for the NFT on Mint day, prompting us to eliminate this requirement.

As previously stated in the whitelist form, registering required a minimum commitment of $50 worth of Sappchat $APP tokens or USDT(Bep20), which has now been removed.

👉Visit and secure your whitelist spot.

For those who have submitted the initial $50 commitment

You don't need to worry! During the presale window, you’ll have the chance to settle the remaining balance of $150 to the same Binance address where you initially sent your commitment. Once received, we’ll promptly dispatch your NFT to your wallet within 24 hours manually.

About Sappchat DN404 NFT Brand Collection

Sappchat is the first project that uses the DN404 NFT token standard to power its governance ecosystem on the Binance Chain. The NFT brand (STEDDY) provides compelling incentives which include DeFi-based stake rewards, royalties on secondary sales, voting rights, and exclusive access to various opportunities.

▪️Total Supply: 10,000
▪️Mint date: TBA
Mint Price: $200
▪️Token name: Sapp Teddy
▪️Token Symbol: STEDDY
▪️Network: Binance Chain
▪️Exchange listing: On major NFT marketplaces, DEX and CEX exchanges

About DN404 Token Standard

DN404 token standard is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. The token standard blends the functionalities of ERC-20 (fungible tokens) and ERC-721 (NFTs), and operates as both an NFT and token-based protocol, with each component intricately linked. This means that they are inherently intertwined, complementing each other within the ecosystem.

For example 1 STEDDY token equals 1 STEDDY NFT. So for each STEDDY token bought, 1 STEDDY NFT will automatically come with the STEDDY token. When the STEDDY token amount is distributed to participants’ wallets, an equivalent amount in STEDDY NFT will be deposited into the wallet automatically.

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