Why is encryption important?

3 reasons why encryption matters
1. Internet privacy concerns are real
Encryption helps protect your online privacy by turning personal information into “for your eyes only” messages intended only for the parties that need them — and no one else.
You should ensure that your emails are being sent over an encrypted connection or that you are encrypting each message.
Most email clients come with the option for encryption in their Settings menu, and if you check your email with a web browser, take a moment to ensure that SSL encryption is available.
2. Hacking is big business
Cybercrime is a global business, often run by multinational outfits.
Many of the large-scale data breaches that you may have heard about in the news are indications of a constant attack by cybercriminals to steal personal information for financial gains.
3. Regulations demand it
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires healthcare providers to implement security features that help protect patients’ sensitive health information online.
Institutions of higher learning must take similar steps under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect students’ records.
Retailers must contend with the Fair Credit Practices Act (FCPA) and similar laws that help protect consumers.
However, despite all these measures, financial institutes are prone to hacks, with the data illegally accessed from such events distributed online or sold through the Darknet. Banks are required to provide customers’ data, including transactions and personal information, to any government agency on request.
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