Facebook can collect data even about people who do not have an account on the social network.
What is a “shadow profile”?
It is the name given to the entire data about a user who is not registered with Facebook. The name comes from the idea that Facebook has enough information about a person to create a version of their profile that they do not use.
Facebook collects data in two ways — through browser history and friends of unregistered users.
The first method
On some websites, you may find various buttons associated with the social network (such as a “like” button). These elements monitor who has visited the site and tell Facebook whether or not it was a legitimate user.
The second method
The second way data is collected is by uploading contacts to Facebook. When signing up for Facebook, many people agree to upload their contacts to find the people they know who have registered on the social network faster. Certainly, not all the people in their phone book are on Facebook, but few people are identified by this — and their are details passed on to the social network.
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