SappChat Project Update

Dear SappChat family,

This is to inform you all of what has been happening behind the scenes. We have been meticulously working on the development of Sappchat and want to share some of the highlight features and updates you will notice and experience in the upcoming months.

Continuous improvement of Sappchat app:

The last Sappchat app released was version 1.0.29. We have collated all feedback from our dear users. We deeply appreciate your feedback and suggestions. The team has improved the app and soon an updated version would be released for better experience with sappchat.

Periodic Release of Features:

The following are some other features we are currently working on that would bring about greater improvement to Sappchat. They will be released periodically in the coming months;

🔸Sappchat Proprietary Wallet
🔸Improving the SWAP Exchange
🔸Mentioning of users in the channel and group chat
🔸Finalization of enhancement of cryptographic engine i.e. the end-to-end encryption.
🔸Integration of more available tokens for staking in the app including possibility to stake APP tokens within the app
🔸Languages option/ translator for easy use of Sappchat app by all people around the world
🔸and more on fundamental upgrades.

🔸Once the aforementioned are done, we will proceed with the launch of blockchain agnostic NFT marketplace and launchpad for Sappchat.

🔸Also fully end-to-end encryption of Sappchat voice and video calls are in the pipeline.

Partnership and Exchange Listings:

The team is working hard on building strong partnerships to strengthen the brand awareness and mass adoption of Sappchat. Big announcements are coming. The news regarding our new partnerships, and exchange listings will be officially announced. Stay tuned.

Please ensure you follow our news. The team is focusing on building, continuous improvement, user adoption, and marketing expansion of Sappchat. Simply relax, support, and enjoy the ride 👍.

Buy, Stake and Hodl #APP

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🔸BiMart exchange:
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Sappchat app download, Feedback and Recommendations:

Please send your feedback and suggestions/ recommendations to this SappChat id (Sappchatfeedback) on the Sappchat app. Simply sign up, invite the id, and send your feedback.

👉Here are the links for Sappchat app download on both Google Play and App Store;
Google Play:
App Store:
We thank our community for your continuous support. Keep spreading the word about SappChat 💪

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