How Sappchat app works


🌎 SappChat is connecting people around the world personally, financially, privately, and securely.

Sappchat, a decentralized and end-to-end encrypted instant messaging with integrated decentralized banking.

Step 1: Download Sappchat:

Download SappChat from Google Play or Appstore. First search for sappchat on the store, select Sappchat, click on [Install] button, and once the download is completed, then click on [Open] button as shown below.

Fig a Download SappChat from Google Play or Appstore

Step 2: Sign up:

Note: Email and phone number are not required for sign up.

Click on [CREATE ACCOUNT] button as shown on the image below, then enter user ID, which could be your name or nickname, then enter your PIN number and confirm the PIN number. Then 12 Mnemonic Phrase will be generated automatically for you. Safe the 12 Phrase and Click on [CONTINUE] button.

You will be required to confirm the 12 phrase mnemonic phrase. Once you are done, then click [CONTINUE] button to proceeds to step 3.

Fig b: Create account: Email and phone number are not required for sign up!

Step 3: App Guide

The onboarding guide explains the unique features about the platform. Click [Next] button to the end.

Step 4: Ready to start using Sappchat app:

Congratulation 👍🎉👋, you are now ready to start the journey of decentralized communication and decentralized finance with Sappchat.

Please, tell your friends and family about Sappchat.

We appreciate your feedback and Recommendations:

Kindly send your feedback and suggestions/ recommendations to this SappChat id (Sappchatfeedback) on the Sappchat app. Once you sign up, invite the id, and send your feedback.

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A decentralized Messaging App meets Decentralized Banking powered by Blockchain and AI. Its connecting everyone personally, financially, privately and securely.