Benchmark Analysis of SappChat’s Competitors


Mobile applications are an integral and substantial tool of our mobile communications. With rich and broad possibilities to communicate via text, audio and video messages, to engage in one-on-one chats and group discussions, to receive notifications and to upload and watch status updates and to share media, mobile instant messengers (MIMs) are among the most important and essential applications in our smartphones.

However, most of the MIMs (except WeChat) do not include financial features, such as a payment system, electronic wallet and saving accounts, and none of them supports financial operations with cryptocurrencies.

SappChat developing a platform that integrates both decentralized Blockchain-based mobile communications and financial operations in cryptocurrencies, including payments, fund transfers, crypto-exchange for conversions and yield farming (DeFi). Sappchat communication are fully anonymous as the platform does not require any personal or mobile details upon registration and provides end-to-end encryption of all messages and shared files. Additionally, SappChat’s platform will support multiple solutions for online shopping and e-commerce and will utilize AI technologies to support voice-only management of its communications and financial operations.

SappChat conducted this study to assess the functionality of other non-blockchain and blockchain based MIMs. The platforms were compared according to prominent features of mobile messaging, privacy and security and financial operations of the platforms. Information about the projects and the platforms was collected from multiple resources published by them, including whitepapers and brochures, websites, videos, forums, blogs, technical reviews, etc.


The benchmarking analysis was based on a comparative study of projects and platforms for mobile communications that are based on centralized and decentralized solutions.

The results of the comparison considering the multiple attributes of the platforms are follows:


SappChat is a free decentralized and rich application that provides an ecosystem for mobile users for communications, cryptocurrency payment, exchange and DeFi (yield farming) and online shopping and e-commerce. SappChat offers end-to-end encryption and operates on its Sappchain blockchain. SappChat also integrates voice recognition and AI technologies to operate its multiple features and financial operations and crypto asset management only by voice.


Echo is a free decentralized chatting app that operates on the Graphene blockchain. Echo provides end-to-end encryption of messages. Additionally, it integrated Payger — a coin agnostic payment platform for storing, transferring and trading digital assets. However, Echo did not develop its online shop and e-commerce solution, it does not implement AI technologies in its platform or supports yield farming via DeFi.


Signal is an Open Source centralized platform for encrypted messaging. Signal includes its own encryption protocol for end-to-end non-blockchain encryption. It does not provide an e-commerce solution, does not support cryptocurrency operations and does not implement AI-based solutions.


Crypviser is subscription based secure messaging application. The app has blockchain-based end-to-end encryption for transmission and storage of messages. Crypviser also supports cryptocurrency payments and transfers. However, Crypviser does not include online shopping and e-commerce solutions, yield farming and DeFi and AI technologies.


WeChat is a free centralized mobile communication platform, owned by the Chinese Tencent corporation. It provides a broad ecosystem to its users. WeChat has an integrated fiat (RMB) payment system, fiat (RMB) saving account and shopping platform. However, WeChat does not have end-to-end encryption and includes backdoors that allow other parties to read the sent and received messages of users.


WhatsApp is a free centralized mobile messaging platform owned by Facebook. It provides end-toend encryption that is based on its native protocol. However, WhatsApp does not include shopping and e-commerce solutions, does not support fiat or cryptocurrency financial operations or payments and does not implement AI technologies in its application.


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