For without login option:

The APP tokens purchased from us will be sent automatically to the address from which you contributed.

For login option:

Please follow these steps to withdraw your tokens from the dashboard:

2. Click the “claim” button.

Here the number of tokens available to withdraw is 12.

It must be the wallet to which you have previously declared to receive purchased tokens from the vesting contract (the same as on the previous page).

Then you should wait a bit for the blockchain data to be loaded.

After that click the “Withdraw your tokens” button.

3. Then you will see how many tokens are available to withdraw from the latest deposit and how many deposits are in the withdrawal queue.

Detailed description

The system calculates how many times a user will have to withdraw his tokens to get the total number of tokens purchased.

The number of withdrawals by a user depends on the number of purchase transactions performed by the user, i.e. if the user purchased tokens once, he will withdraw them only once, whereas if he purchased tokens in two tranches of 500 tokens, he will withdraw them 2 times, 500 tokens each.

Also, bonuses from the referral system are counted as separate deposits. If a user has bought tokens once, but someone has used his referral then he will also have two deposits to withdraw (one is the tokens purchased and the other is the bonus).

Click the “Withdraw your tokens” button.

4. Now confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait a moment. The tokens will be paid to your wallet.

5. Now you can see that 10 tokens have been paid out, and there are still 2 left.

If you want to withdraw the remaining tokens you will have to go through the withdrawal process again (in this case you will have to do it two more times: each time withdraw one token).

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